The World Of Computer Animation

2D and 3D animation history

People have always had an urge to create, ever since the first cave paintings. The first attempts of animation were found in Shahr-i Sokhta, Iran. In five pictures a goat steps toward a tree, climbs it up, eats leaves and comes down.


Although this is not a real animated film, it can be called like that. Why? Because animators use the same technique to this day.
The first full-length animated feature film was “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” by Walt Disney. It was made in 1937, and it has won a special Oscar for its contribution to the movie industry. Snow White was drawn and painted by hand.

1937 snowhite and the seven dwarfs
The first 3D animation was this bouncing ball ( Today it may not seem like there is anything special with it, bt when it was made there was.

After that, in 1976, a computer animated images were used for the first time on a film. The film was called “Futureworld”

In 1985 Dire Straits published a video called “Money for Nothing” where 3D animation was used for making a video for the fist time.

1984 Money_for_Nothing_Music_Video

As you may have noticed, all these 3D animations were very square like. The first not square like animation was used in 1991 film “Terminator 2 – Judgement Day”. The animation was created for a  shape shifting effect.

Then in 1993 the movie “Jurassic Park” was made. Without 3D animation it couldn’t have been made. Because it would be impossible to make so many mechanical dinosaurs.

The next big year for 3D animation was 1995. The first full-length 3D animated film was made then. It was called “Toy Story”, and it was a very big success among the children and adults as well.

1995 toy story

The same year “Casper” was filmed, and it pushed 3D animation even further.

Next year with two ground breaking feature films was 2001. Two very important films were filmed then. The first is a very popular cartoon called “Shrek”. With its 218 muscles to move Shrek’s face he could show a variety of emotions. This is why the second part made 340 million dollars.

2001 shrek

This other film was the first full length 3D animated motion picture. It is called “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within”. Half of the budget for a film was given to make as natural human hair as possible.

And we have come to the latest 3D animation wonder “Avatar”. The film was a huge success, with its story, acting, and of course animation.

Today animated films are a huge part of the film industry. Millions of dollars are used to make them, with hundreds of animators, software developers and engineers. The animation process is basically still the same. A script is made, then it is recorded with ordinary people’s voices. usually by the people who are making the film. Then professional actors are hired and they give their voices after the film making is completed (for which they are paid millions).
Animated films even have their own awards, called “Anies”.

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