Haunted Britain

Glamis castle

Glamis Castle is known as one of the most haunted castles in Britain. It certainly has more stories and legends attached to it than any other castle within the British Isles. Glamis is set in the valley of Strathmore, near Forfar, county town of Angus, in Scotland.
Glamis Castle is the historic seat of the Bowes-Lyons Family.The Bowes-Lyons family still own the castle as the earls of Strathmore, its members include the Queen Mother, who was born at Glamis and gave birth to Princess Margaret here.

The family chapel is haunted by a Grey Lady, who is said to be the spirit of Lady Janet Douglas, burned at the stake as a witch on Castle Hill, Edinburgh in 1537, on charges of plotting to poison the King.

The ghost of a woman with no tongue is said to haunt the grounds, and to look out from a barred window somewhere within the castle. She runs about the park pointing at her mutilated face. There is no suggestion as to who she might be.

A young black boy, the ghost of a Negro servant who was badly treated around 200 years ago, haunts a stone seat by the door of the Queen’s bedroom.

The most famous legend connected with the castle is that of the Monster of Glamis, a deformed child born to the family. In the story, the monster was kept in the castle all his life and his rooms were bricked up after his death.

An alternative version of the legend is that to every generation of the family a vampire child is born and is walled up in the room of the monster child.

Another monster is supposed to have lived in Loch Calder near the castle.

Another legend tells of “Earl Beardie”. Earl Beardie was playing cards. However, it was the sabbath, and his hosts refused to play. Lord Beardie became so angry that he said that he would play until doomsday, or with the Devil himself. A stranger then appeared at the castle and joined Lord Beardie in a game of cards. The stranger was the Devil, who took Earl Beardie’s soul and condemned the Earl to play cards until doomsday.

William Shakespeare chose Glamis Castle for the setting for his play Macbeth (although this is not historically accurate).






The Prospect of Whitby

The Prospect of Whitby is a historic public house on the banks of the Thames in London. It is said to be the oldest riverside tavern, dating from around 1520. It was formerly known as the Devil’s Tavern. Before that it was officially called “The Pelican”. All that remains from the building’s earliest period is the 400 year old stone floor. In former times it was a meeting place for sailors and smugglers.

In the 17th century, it became a favourite pub of “Hanging” Judge Jeffreys. He lived nearby, and was a regular customer. People say he liked to sit by the window and watch criminals, he sentenced to death, be hanged on Execution Dock. According to legend, criminals would be tied up to the posts at low tide and left there to drown when the tide came in. Execution Dock was actually by Wapping Old Stairs and generally used for pirates.





Penfound Manor

The manor was originally given by William the Conqueror to his half-brother, Robert, Count of Mortain. The Penfound family, who took their name from the manor, moved in during the 12th century.
The Manor is the oldest continually inhabited ancestoral family home in England.

The Penfounds had lived a very quiet part of history. However the Civil War (1642 – 1651) between Royalists, who supported the king Charles I and the Parlamentarians, ruined everything.

The Penfounds were Royalists and hated Parliamentarians. A nearby manor was owned by the Trebarfoot`s who were Parliamentarians. Like Romeo and Juliet, Kate Penfound and John Trebarfoot, were in love with each other, but both their fathers would never agree to their marriage. The only solution was to elope. One night, Kate climbed down a ladder to the courtyard were John was waiting – but their elopement was disturbed by Kates father and an argument – quickly turning into a fight with swords.

John was killed during this fight and Kate received wounds from her own father when she stepped in to stop the two men fighting. Arthur, her father, also succumbed to his own wounds and all three were dead.

Since this time strange happening have been reported at Penfound Manor – Kate has been seen in her bedroom and on the main staircase and on the anniversary of the deaths (April 26th) all three have been seen in the courtyard and a replay of their dual has been witnessed.





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